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About Me

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Background #

I have over 20 years experience as a Senior Developer, a Product Lead, Principal Consultant and now a Senior Engineering Manager at Octopus Deploy. I have successfully delivered unique software solutions over a wide variety of domains, from medical device manufacturing and medical imaging, to mining, finance, IoT, and autonomous vehicle control.

I have worked with most major platforms and a large array of technologies, from simple websites, to enterprise scale mobile applications and advanced desktop visualization software.

Professional Life #

In my current role as a Senior Engineering Manager, I am focused on uplifting our internal teams and creating an environment within which our people and teams thrive.

I’m passionate about bringing your whole self to work and as a manager and leader, I am always looking for opportunities to positively challenge and grow the amazing people that I get to work with.

I firmly believe that in order to build complex software solutions that delight users, teams must be highly collaborative, product led and cross-functional. This is the best way to unearth innovative, but inherently valuable and human-centred software.

Education #

Ph.D. (Comp Sci)
An Investigation Into Trapezoidation and its Application to Geographic Information Systems and Computer Graphics
2003 The University of Western Australia

BCM (Majoring in Comp Sci and IT, HONS 1)
A New Approach to Measuring Image Quality via Frequency Analysis
1999 The University of Western Australia

Skills #

Below are some of the various skills I’ve accumulated over the years, including languages, platforms, paradigms and tooling, in no particular order. Everything listed here I have used to varying degrees, although the majority in a commercial capacity at one time or another (ie, relating to code deployed into a production environment), with a few exceptions, like Rust, where I’ve only explored it for professional development or personal hobby projects.

Programming Languages #

C#, Dart, JavaScript, Rust, C++, C, Ruby, Java, Go, Python, Bash, Lisp, ProLog, Gopher

Domains #

  • Mobile Applications (Flutter, Xamarin, Swift, Ionic, React Native)
  • Web (React), Web RTC (SignalR), API, REST, GraphQL, Hypermedia (HATEOS)
  • Volumetric (3D) Visualization (medical imaging, OpenGL)
  • Image Processing (DICOM, medical imaging)
  • Rapid Prototyping (STL file processing)
  • Mining (resource estimation, statistical data analysis)
  • Finance (EJB, Cobol, XML/XSLT)

Paradigms, Methodologies and Practices #

Design Patterns, Design Thinking, Systems Thinking, TDD, DDD, BDD, agile, lean, XP

Operating Systems #

macOS, Windows, Linux, Irix, BeOS, OS/2

Cloud Providers #

Azure, AWS, GCP, RackSpace

Platforms & Toolchains #

  • ItelliJ based IDEs, VisualStudio, VSCode, Xamarin, WebSphere, XCode, g++, clang, Make, CMake, YML, XML, XAML
  • Git, SVN, CVS, VSS
  • Azure Pipelines, Octopus Deploy, TeamCity, Jenkins, AWS CodeBuild

Publications #

2004 #

Lorenzetto, G. P. A. & Datta, A. An almost linear-time algorithm for trapezoidation of GIS polygons Future Generation Computer Systems. 20, 7, p. 1145-1155 2004

2002 #

Lorenzetto, G. P. A., Datta, A. & Thomas, R. A fast trapezoidation technique for planar polygons Computers & Graphics. 26, 2, p. 281-289 2002

Lorenzetto, G. P. A. & Datta, A. A Linear Time Heuristics for Trapezoidation of GIS Polygons Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 2331, p. 75-84 2002